Thursday, May 7, 2009

and the study part is over...

Yesterday, our final studio project of the semester was due, and with that I finished the study part of my experience abroad this semester. Critiques were surprisingly relatively painless, and today has just been a clean up and pack day. Saturday I leave in the morning for Basel, Switzerland.
These are some photos of the 2 "beautiful drawings" that I recently finished for my watercolor class this semester:
This one is of Venezia (Venice).
and, this one is of Prague.

Last night was the last meeting with our church family here in Orvieto. Over the semester they have welcomed us into their family and it was really hard to say goodbye last night. I think that they will be the one thing that I will miss most about Italy right now. It has been such a blessing to see their love for the Lord over the semester! I hope in the future I will have the opportunity to come back and see them again!
After the church service, they prepared an awesome meal that we enjoyed together and presented the four of us with hand painted ceramic mugs from Orvieto. My friend Andrew had his camera, and took lots of pictures, so hopefully I will be able to get some of them to post sometime.

I don't know how much access that I will have to update this while I am traveling until the 26th of May, so check my flickr for new photos!
The itinerary for my post-travels:
Basel, Switzerland
meet Melissa in Frankfurt, stay in Dusseldorf,
Brussels, Belgium
London, Great Britain
Paris, France