Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Break

Even with a short studio project thrown in the mix, these past two weeks have been extremely fun! Dinner is always one of the highlights of the day and we enjoy coming up with things on the fly without exact recipes. Elise, a friend from K-State that is studying abroad in France, came to stay with us this past week and we came up with some of my favorite meals as of yet! One being cheese fondue followed by chocolate dessert fondue, and later in the week stuffed mushrooms with risotto. (hopefully I can get some photos up after spring break)

The beginning of the week was pretty rainy, but the last 3 days have been absolutely beautiful and we have taken advantage of the sun!

The next two weeks include a program trip to Venice, Verona and Vicenza and then we have a week for spring break. Our plans for spring break include taking a night train to Vienna, Austria, Budapest, Hungary, and finally Prague, Czech Republic where we will take a flight back to Rome. I am looking forward to it! As I am not bringing my laptop with me though, I won't have as easy access to the internet, so I won't probably be able to update until I get back.

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