Sunday, April 26, 2009

Things are wrapping up

Sadly, my time this semester in Italy is coming to an end. A few of my classes are already over and I go on my last field trip of the semester on Tuesday. Then I just have to finish some larger "beautiful drawings" and then a studio project and we are done on the 8th. This is bittersweet because while I am sad to leave Italy, I am super excited for my after travel plans, especially since Melissa will be joining me!
Sorry that I haven't finished putting pictures up about my spring break, but I think now it is time to move on to more recent things.
The most recent field trip that I went on was to Perugia, the capital of Umbria. It has been more difficult to get many pictures due to my camera screen being broken, but luckily that has not impacted the quality of the photos, I am just surprised if they turn out. Perugia was enjoyable and we had lots of fun (and learning, of course).
Since most of my roommates went to Milano for design week this weekend, Christie and I decided to take a hike to "La Rocca," where you can see a great view of all of Orvieto.
Here is La Rocca from a distance...
and, here is me with Orvieto in the background on top. Overall a lovely hike, and beautiful weather to hike in.

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