Tuesday, February 3, 2009

10 Observations about the Italians (so far)

1. Italians love dogs. Maybe cats too, but definitely not as much as dogs.

2. Italians actually use their strollers (even in the rain). Americans may own these but I am convinced that they only utilize them 1/10th of the time (if that) that Italians do. They even have special covers so that they can use them in the rain!

3. Right now at least, Italians love purple! See, I was just ahead of the curve in America!

4. Most Italians smoke. It seems like when we are walking outside, if you don't get behind at least 1 or 2 people smoking, there is something wrong. (or you are out during an undesignated time, see #8.)

5. Italians love their espresso. As they should, because it is so amazing!

6. It is the Italian way to strike unexpectedly (at least to us). They did this on the day that we were going to walk through the roman forun in Roma, but it worked out in the end because we went a different way with Marco that we wouldn't have had time to see otherwise.

7. Italian shoes are as beautiful as their reputation makes them out to be, but they are also as expensive as their reputation is.

8. There are unwritten rules in Italian society about what time everyone should be outside in the streets. Everyone in the city seems to be out socializing during these times. Right now the children are often dress up in costumes throwing confetti and spraying silly string at each other for (we think) carnivale.

9. Italian dogs in general are much more well behaved than their American counterparts. I see Italians with their dogs unleashed and they behave perfectly following them, not getting too far away, and it blows my mind.

10. Italians seem to love excuses to dress up their dogs and children. I have seen the most hilarious costumes on and for sale for both of these groups. My favorite of the children's costumes to date has been a 3 musketeer costume which was exquisite.

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