Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Quick Update

Lately, I have been keeping busy. Our first studio project is due on Monday, and while studio is not anywhere close to being as crazy as it is in manhattan, since we are staying in Florence all weekend, Sam and I are being wise with our time and trying to finish before we leave early tomorrow morning. Cooking class last Saturday was awesome, although I hope to never eat so much food in one day ever again. My favorite event so far, has been meeting with the Church here at the bottom of the mesa. I hope to write in more detail about this later, because I don't have the time to really explain the awesomeness of worshipping with other believers here! We met Pastore Massimo this past Sunday night, because he was not there the previous Sunday. They have been so gracious helping us find the songs in the hymnals and even gave us Bibles in Italian.

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  1. i am loving your blog, pictures, and insights ... and finding that i wished i were you! God bless!!