Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A few annotated pictures...

So, I have yet to really comment on my pictures, so I thought I would upload a few favs and explain them.
Italy Jan 25-31 103
This of course is of the Colleseum, and was taken on the second weekend that we went to Roma. The sky that day was amazing and I took a lot of pictures of it.
Italy Jan 25-31 114
This is Marco, our Italian history professor. He talks into the wisper unit microphone and we listen, even while we are walking to our next location. It makes travelling in a group of about 40 much easier and I am very grateful that we get to use them!
Italy Jan 25-31 091
Dinner! One of the highlights of every day. My roommates and I come up with things to cook that always taste delicious. (Right to left- Carrie, Al, Christie, Sam and Me!)
Italy Jan 25-31 330
Before we went to Rome for the second time, our professor Marco told us about Granita. The best place to have this is near the Pantheon, so of course we had to try some. So here we are waiting.

Italy Jan 25-31 336
This is granita. Frozen, shaved super-sweet espresso with panna (whipped cream). It was as amazing as Marco made it sound and definitely worth the 2.50.

Italy Jan 25-31 464
Piazza del Popolo, Roma at sunset. This is as we are heading to the train station at the end of the day. I definitely like Rome better the second time than the first.

Italy Jan 25-31 023
My absolute favorite picture that I have taken in Orvieto, as of yet. The light was perfect, as well as the clouds.
Italy Jan 25-31 043
Lately there has been a lot of fog around Orvieto, but It makes for awesome photos. I love that I get to see views like this practically everyday.

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